Una Llama Menos – A rider’s journal in Bolivia

“Four friends travel to the Bolivian Andes, looking for a snowboard adventure in the remote Apolobamba range. But things don’t always go as planned. “Una llama menos” is a story about setbacks, disappointment and tricky conditions, but also about adapting, changing plans, finding some steep high altitude descents and having the trip of a lifetime!”

About the riders:

Greg O’Callaghan is a Chamonix based American Spaniard with roots in the Netherlands. His positivity, endless motivation and native Spanish skills turned out to be essential on this trip.

Mirte van Dijk, journalist, photographer and allround adventurer. After not getting acclimatised and struggling with altitude sickness for two weeks, the doctors finally told her she had to return home. Greatly missed by the rest of the group.

Rens de Wild, snowboard guide and the only one actually starting from (below) sea level. Climbing his way up to over 6000m on perserverance, character, and some good tunes.

Stephan Verheij, snowboard guide and initiator of the trip. Living in Austria, he tries to spend as much time as he can in the mountains and always has a plan ready for a next adventure.


A RIDER’S JOURNEY is a production company that captures and shares passion. It’s created by experienced riders and film makers. Everything starts by a journey and every journey is born out of passion. The passion of adventure, of testing your limits and discovering new things. Discover your journey and enjoy the ride with us.

Lama in the Apolobamba range, Bolivia - Pic: Rens de Wild
Jungle trekking El Choro, Bolivia - Pic: Stephan Verheij
Greg O'Calaghan on Pequeno Alpamayo, Bolivia
Reaching 5000m near Condoriri, Bolivia
Huayna Potosi South Summit, Bolivia - Pic: Rens de Wild
Early morning splitboard tour Huayna Potosi, Bolivia - Pic: Stephan Verheij
Lamas and Parinacota volcano in Sajama NP, Bolivia
Hot springs and volcanoes in Sajama NP, Bolivia - Pic: Greg O'Callaghan

Thanks for the support

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the following brands: Patagonia, Keen, Lyofood, Goal zero, Melon Optics, Nigor tents, Optimus Stoves, Katadyn, Steripen, Rubytec, Suunto, Camelbak

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