In the long run – Splitboard expedition Mongolia

Four European snowboarders and four Mongolian snowboarders team up for the first Mongolian splitboard expedition in history.

in collaboration with the MONGOLIAN PROFESSIONAL SNOWBOARD FEDERATION and with Stephan Verheij, Rens de Wild, Seb Jam, Mirte van Dijk, Battulga Gantulga & Munkhsaikhan Gundsambuu

Four European snowboarders traveled to the highest peaks of untouched Mongolia to meet with like-minded adventurers. Four Mongolian snowboarders did the same. A mix of culture, perspective and knowledge came together during this splitboard expedition in the Altai, the first one in history.

It takes four days of travel to reach the untouched mountains of the Mongolian Altai. Before setting one step on the glacier that leads towards the lines that have never seen a snowboard before, you need four different flights, a Russian Furgon van for a seven hour drive and a bunch of camels carrying your basecamp while hiking up a five hour long trail. At least, that’s the scenario in the long run, because time has a different meaning on this side of the world.

Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Splitboards and Yurt Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Getting caught by local herdsman - Pic: Mirte van Dijk Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Meeting the locals - Pic: Mirte van Dijk Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Meeting real cowboys and taking their horses for a ride - Pic: Mirte van Dijk Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Cuddling with camels - Pic: Seb Jam Splitboard expedition Mongolia - With a splitboard on a camel - Pic: Mirte van Dijk Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Broken splitboard - Pic: Mirte van Dijk Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Smoking our meat over a fire of horse shit Splitboard expedition Mongolia - Splitboarding on the border of Mongolia and China Splitboard expedition Mongolia - First descent on the east face of Khuiten


2-11-2017 Patagonia HQ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (premiere)
3-11-2017 Freeride Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5-11-2017 3rd Splitboard Festival Vic, Spain
8-11-2017 Ski Metraje Pamplona, Spain
24-11-2017 Freeride Film Festival Gent, Belgium
1-12-2017 3rd Splitboard Festival San Sebastian, Spain
29-12-2017 Bovec Outdoor Film Festival, Slovenia

Premiere of "In the long run" Splitboard Expedition Mongolia at the Patagonia HQ in Amsterdam Screening of "In the long run" Splitboard Expedition Mongolia at the Freeride Film Festival in Amsterdam Screening of "In the long run" Splitboard Expedition Mongolia at the 3rd Splitboard Film Festival in Vic Ski Metraje - In the long run - Splitboard Expedition Mongolia Stephan Verheij and Rens de Wild at the Bovec Outdoor Film Festival


Taste Snowboard Magazine #1 2017 (The Netherlands)
Ski Alper 2017 (Italy)
Mens fitness December 2017 (France)
Snowboarders Journal #15.4 2018 (U.S.A.)
Hoogtelijn #1 2018 (The Netherlands)
Sidetracked #11 2018 (U.K.)
Pleasure Snowboard Magazin #130 2018 (Germany)

Taste Snowboard Magazine #1 2017 - Op de tijdlijn van Mongolië Ski Alper 2017 - Mongolian splitboard expedition Mens Fitness December 2017 - Mongolian splitboard expedition Snowboarders Journal 15.4 Mongolia Hoogtelijn 2018-1 Mongolia cover

And there was a short item about the premiere on C1 Mongolian Television


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About the media team

Sébastien Jam and Mirte van Dijk are both dedicated snowboarders. He is French, she is from Holland. Sébastien is known for his creative work as a video maker, Mirte is editor in chief. Picking up a camera became something natural for both of them.

About the riders

Battulga Gantulga and Munkhsaikhan Gundsambuu are the founders of the Mongolian Professional Snowboard Federation. Rens de Wild and Stephan Verheij are both certified snowboard guides and living in Kaprun, Austria, where no mountain, valley or field remains undiscovered for their passion to freeride.

More info about splitboard expedition Mongolia?

Please contact for more info about the splitboard expedition Mongolia, the full story, photo’s or the video. Consider the need of adventure after contacting.

Thanks to

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the following people and brands: Patagonia, Jones Snowboards, Splitit splitboardshop, Mongolian Professional Snowboard Federation, NIGOR tents, Goal Zero, Mountain Hardwear, Badraa Bat

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