Good times, bad times

The snow is deep and the conditions are tricky at the moment. Yesterday we rode some of the deepest powder below the treeline, in one of my favourite secret spots and today we were up at the Kitzsteinhorn helping with an avalanche rescue (luckily no victims).

An avalanche was triggered close to the Kristallbahn top station. No one had seen the avalanche, so it was unclear if there were any victims and an elaborate search was necessary. A 2 hour search with 14 people from mountain rescue, 4 dogs, and 30 or so volunteers searched for victims, but didn’t find anyone. If you trigger an avalanche, please notify the ski patrol or mountain rescue, so they know, no one is hurt. It saves a lot of time and energy.

Avalanche danger is considerable to high at the moment in Salzburgerland (level 3-4) and the wind has been causing a lot of trouble. The possibilities to go freeriding are very limited and require a lot of knowledge, experience and caution. So please be safe out there!

Stephan Verheij entering the white room Martin Heeres from Frozen Lines surfing the good stuffRens de Wild shredding powderThe avalanche near the top station of the Kristallbahn on the Kitzteinhorn
Avalanche rescue KitzsteinhornProbing the debris for victims

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