Not far away from home

Not Far Away from Home – A RIDER’s JOURNEY by Seb Jam & MVD Media with Stephan Verheij & Rens de Wild

Snowboard video through the Pyrenees with Stephan Verheij, Rens de Wild, Mirte van Dijk and Seb Jam


‘With an old French camper van, a playlist filled with indy folk music, several off-piste and splitboard sets, a fully equipped camera bag and a few laptops we travelled South. The South which is known for it’s precious beaches, but forgotten for it’s demanding peaks…’

The team of four riders began their journey without any planning, preparation or expectations, but three marked places on their map: El Pas de la Casa (Andorra), Baquèira-Beret (Spain) and Pic du Midi de Bigorre (France). Without knowing what to find, one goal was set: this journey would be an excellent ender of the season.

The mission failed. Why? Because winter is a never ending story, especially when you’re not far away from home.

Not far away from home - Lines in Andorra Not far away from home - The camper at Pic du Midi Not far away from home - On the road in Spain


4-11-2016 Freeride Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands
9-11-2016 Ski Metraje Pamplona, Spain
15-12-2016 International Freeride Film Festival Cauterets, France


Taste snowboard magazine #1 2016
Hoogtelijn November 2016 (read it)

Cover Hoogtelijn and Taste Snowboard Magazine - Splitboarding in the Pyrenees (Pic: Mrte van Dijk

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