Going north

At the moment I’m waiting at Oslo airport for my connecting flight to Narvik, Norway. The next couple of weeks I’ll be in Scandanavia. Starting of with a Ripstar Backcountry trip in Riksgränsen, Sweden.

After that I’ll go further north towards the Lyngen Alps for a 2-week trip that I’ve been planning for a long time. Ever since I went sea kayaking in Alaska I wanted to combine it with snowboarding. Together with Rens de Wild, Paul de Groot and Mirte van Dijk we’ll start of in Koppangen and paddle up the fjord. We’ll be paddling, camping and splitboarding along the coastline of the Lyngen Alps. When we see a nice line, we’ll set up camp, climb up the next day and then ride down… You can read the whole story next year in Taste Snowboard MagazineHoogtelijn and of course we’ll be filming our whole adventure as well.

Big thanks to Visit Norway, The North Face and Patagonia for supporting us…

Visit Norway  Patagonia  The North Face

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