Freeriding in Georgia – The wild wild east

This season I’ve guided two trips into the mountains on the border of Georgia and Russia. Overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, but especially the endless hospitality of the Georgian people. Freeriding in Georgia should be on everybody’s list!

The countryside in Gudauri Georgia Fresh powder in Gudauri Georgia Steep lines in Gudauri Georgia Hiking on the ridge in Gudauri Georgia Splitboarding in Gudauri Georgia Freeriding in Georgia

Fresh powder in Georgia First tracks in Gudauri Georgia Hiking in Gudauri Georgia Backcountry Gudauri Georgia Off-piste in Georgia Backcountry snowboarding in Georgia

Ski lift accident Gudauri

By now everybody has seen the video about the Georgian ski lift that started to go backwards and the chairs crashing into each other at the bottom. I just stepped out of the lift minute before it happened. It’s a miracle nobody died and only so few people had injuries. What you probably didn’t hear about was the professional rescue mission afterwards to get the remaining people out of the lift. Respect for the local rescue helpers to get everybody out safely!

Rescue from Georgian ski lift in Gudauri

Ski lift accident Gudauri Georgia 2018


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